by Caitlin Hughes
— 2 hours ago
in Contributors Influencer marketing on Instagram can be a huge drain on your resources and a massive waste of time – or it can be one of the best marketing tactics you’ve ever used. It’s all about who you choose.

If you’re going to work with an Instagram influencer, here’s what you need to do before sealing the deal: It’s easy to make snap judgments on the qualification of an influencer by looking at their follower numbers, likes, and comments, and it’s true that all of these can give you some helpful insights – but only when you also look at engagement rate as well. For reference, the median engagement rate on Instagram in 2017 was 2.7 percent, so anything above this number is pretty good.

But really, you don’t need to calculate it down to the .7 percent. A quick scan can show you who’s the real deal, and who isn’t.

If you can see thousands of followers but not many likes per post, that’s not a good sign. If there’s an impressive number of likes on the post your potential influencer posted yesterday, but only 50-60 on the posts from a month or so back, those likes have probably been bought from a dodgy site selling fake engagement from bot accounts.

You can also check this by scrolling through the likes on a recent photo. If you see a lot of accounts with weird names including numbers (e.g. Read more from…

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