With a need to access, manage and use data to drive performance, Ian Woolley shares his thoughts on how to take control of your partner marketing data for maximum performance. Across the marketing industry, there’s an urgency to access and benefit from data to generate higher performance from analytics and insights.

This has led to marketers increasing their grasp on data and analytics and taking control of partner marketing data to power more accurate and reliable business learnings. Accessing, managing and acting on data to drive sales growth can primarily be done in two ways: controlling their data collection to gain valuable insights, and converting valuable data into tangible results.

Marketing departments are going through an intense digital transformation. According to Gartner, 2017 was the year CMOs were set to overtake CIOs when it comes to technology spend.

With the industry-wide adoption of digital performance marketing, data has become a key resource used by marketers and their martech stacks. GDPR brings the proposition of having higher value data as well as an increased transparency between organisations and their customers.

This will in turn bring valuable customer insight but marketing-driven growth will be down to accurate control of your marketing data. Why valuable insights are important Managing and trusting your marketing partners demands real-time access and visibility of customer data. Read more from performancein.com…

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