Apple’s HomePod is being hailed as the best speaker among the current smart speaker cohort, which includes Google Home, Amazon Echo, Alexa-enabled Sonos and others. But it’s also being heavily criticized for several flaws.

The consensus of the criticism basically focuses on two or three main areas: I own multiple Echo devices (Show, Dots, original Echo), two Google Home devices and a Home Mini. I don’t own the Google Max or the Cortana Harman Kardon speakers.

I’ve placed the HomePod right beside Google Home and a Ninety7-enhanced Echo Dot in my living room. In terms of sound quality, I agree: it’s not close.

It’s hard to go back to listening to music on the other devices after the HomePod, although one could argue whether HomePod has too much bass (believe it or not). Again, I haven’t heard the Home Max.

But Apple’s decision not to support Spotify or Pandora natively on the device is regrettable and somewhat coercive. It’s a poor decision that the company hopefully will change later. Read more from…

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