Picture a future where machines make better decisions about influencer campaigns than even the savviest marketers. Software won’t just automate aspects of recruiting influencers and encouraging them to post content.

It will learn about everything from exactly which types of influencers drive the most brand engagement to optimal ways of enticing influential customers to recommend a product or service. Instead of making manual adjustments, these machines will tweak activities continuously to optimize influencer campaigns.

In 2018, this dream of how artificial intelligence will impact influencer marketing will become much closer to a reality. As we move closer to a world where AI plays a dominant role in designing and implementing influencer marketing efforts, here are the two big changes that we’ll see in 2018: Machine learning for optimizing the recruitment, activation and impact of influencers already exists.

But much of this technology is still in its earliest stages and simply isn’t sophisticated enough for marketers to rely on. In the coming year, influencer marketing AI will advance in five distinct ways: As AI-powered influencer marketing tech advances in these five areas, marketers will be able to rest assured that their software will achieve the right balance of motivation for the influencer and return on investment for the brand.

From the many conversations that I’ve had with marketing executives, the primary barrier to continued adoption of AI-powered influencer marketing in 2018 will be human resistance, rather than technological barriers. Many marketers are afraid of losing control. Read more from adweek.com…

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