Ryan James Dee is Creative Director at Interactions. He leads the ideation and development of consumer experience marketing campaigns for clients across grocery, CPG, foodservice, automotive, and adult beverage.

Always on the lookout for the next big thing, his appetite for pop culture, trendspotting, and entertainment is insatiable. Ryan Dee, Creative Director, Interactions, discusses the ins and outs of influencer marketing, including defining influencers, mistakes being made in the practice and the benefits of it Traditional advertising is on a steep decline with about 26% of internet users adopting ad blockers and an overall slump in radio and traditional TV viewership.

But the fall of old-school advertising has given rise to a new form of promotion–influencer marketing. Look at your social media feeds and you’ll see everyone from fashion and beauty brands to restaurants and CPGs getting in on the action.

Influencer marketing actually works, and it can be an effective tool for consumer experience marketing . Unlike celebrity endorsements, true influencer marketing is more authentic and offers more back-and-forth between an influencer and his or her followers.

The selected influencers aren’t simply salespeople, but real consumers who are passionate about sharing the products they love . This might include anyone from a foodie photographer with a great following on Instagram, to a mom chronicling life with little ones on her blog, to a teenager posting about her favorite beauty finds on YouTube. Read more from martechadvisor.com…

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