Adrianne Pasquarelli. Published on April 02, 2018.

A recent Instagram campaign for real estate firm Compass touted the bright lights and big city of New York with images of landmark buildings and noteworthy architecture. But the company wasn’t trying to lure prospective home buyers and sellers to enlist Compass’ services.

Rather, the campaign targeted designers and data scientists to join the brand’s growing internal marketing team. Currently composed of around 120 staffers, the department is rapidly filling another 60 open positions, according to Matt Spangler, chief creative officer.

“As more and more companies go direct to consumer, [they’re realizing that] in order to have this connection point, to move quickly and own the change in their brand, they need to build that expertise in-house,” he says. “It will let them learn on the fly what’s right for their market, their brand.”

Internal creative agencies are nothing new—marketers have been honing their prowess for a few years now—but the trend is ramping up as brands struggle to produce digital content at lightning speed and exert more control over their budgets. Chobani and Spotify, for example, are investing in more in-house talent, while SoulCycle just recruited its own creative director. Read more from…

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