With more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the marcomm industry, both in agencies and on the clients’ side, Svetlana Burlacu, managing partner of Propaganda agency, spoke with BR about the company’s results from 2017 and what lays ahead for 2018, but at the same time about the industry’s challenges, trends and connectivity to the international scene. 2017 was a good year for Propaganda in terms of turnover and revenue.

Due to our extension of client portfolio, we were able to achieve better results in 2018, with an increase of almost 35 percent in turnover and 25 percent in profit.  We are a full service agency and we mainly serve our clients with more than one department, therefore all of our departments were doing better than the previous year. I could nominate though the BTL, digital and media departments as being the “stars” of 2018.

We have entered in the pitches with high potential for our company development, we have to admit the previous year was a year full of challenges and pitches and we had to select our projects based on our strategic business development criteria. When the water enters into the port – all the boats are going up.

The advertising industry is one of the economic development gauges of the economy. Romania is the tiger of Europe, so advertising is following the general economic context.

Still early to say, as we are only in April, but for the moment it seems like a dynamic environment. We are all still confused by the social context, not knowing exactly what to expect in terms of legislation and changes and our clients operate in the same mindset. Read more from business-review.eu…

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