Home / News / iPhone X’s True Cost Around the World Apple’s iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone to date starting at $999 in the United States, or about 1-2% of the average American household annual income. Despite its hefty price tag, the new iPhones are reportedly selling fast and the high demand is remaining constant.

But many have wondered why the price of the iPhone X varies so greatly from country-to-country. Due to iPhone X’s popularity and its premium price for a pocket-sized device, it’s easy to identify the disparity between markets; however, iPhone X isn’t the first iPhone that fluctuates in price by country; in fact, it’s not even the first Apple product that differs.

Because of a variety of reasons Apple and other manufacturers often have different prices in different markets. That’s right.

It isn’t just Apple that has different prices dependent on country or region. Most organizations have different pricing policies depending on where their product is being sold and the variables associated with each location.

With Apple being the largest company in the world it’s often singled out. There are a variety of factors that determine the price of internationally-marketed products. Read more from idropnews.com…

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