Delana Studi in IRT’s 2016-2017 production of Finding Home: Indiana at 200. Courtesy of IRT

Last fall, Hoosier heroes Abraham Lincoln, Hoagy Carmichael, and Eli Lilly shared a stage, brought to life by the pens of local literary legends past and present, from Kurt Vonnegut to Dan Wakefield. Sixty Hoosier vignettes from nearly 30 Hoosier writers, poets, journalists, and historians graced the Indiana Repertory Theatre Upperstage in the 2016 bicentennial production Finding Home: Indiana at 200. Thanks to a Lilly Endowment grant, a WFYI film crew was able to film the fall 2016 performance for the first time in the IRT’s 46-year history, and is presenting the bicentennial bash in a special free public screening at the IRT on Wednesday, December 6 at 7 p.m. The production spotlights not only the contributions of local writers, but Hoosier singer-songwriter Tim Grimm and his family, who lend their vocals and guitars to tunes such as “Sweet Corn Swing,” “The Ballad of William Henry Harrison,” and “Indy 500.”

But if you’ve already seen the play, you can take a pass, right? Not so fast, says IRT Marketing Manager Carolyne Holcomb. Even those who’ve seen either the “Blue” or “Gold” version of the two-part production will want to tune in—Holcomb says the screening will feature work from both performances, condensed into a single film. Each of the “Blue” and “Gold” productions had a running time of 2 hours and 45 minutes, with 70 percent new material in each version. Read more here…

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