We keep hearing about the value of customer experience from some of the world’s biggest software companies. Last week Adobe trotted out the customer experience system of record at Adobe Summit.

Meanwhile, Salesforce announced its Integration Cloud. Today Kahuna, a Redwood City, California startup, announced a platform to compete with the giants to help brands build more targeted interactions.

“If you are a seller we reduce cognitive overload for buyers by suggesting a few but better targeted products. Using AI, we optimize your message copy and subject lines.

We can reduce shopping cart abandonment with better offers. We trigger real-time action to close transactions, facilitating paid placement and promotions,” Patel told TechCrunch.

This involves understanding the customer better and feeding the artificial intelligence engine, and that involves data, of course. Patel says the company spent a year just building a real-time data platform when it was formed in 2011. Read more from techcrunch.com…

thumbnail courtesy of techcrunch.com