In recognition for its leadership in sustainable mining, Glencore’s Kidd Operations has been awarded a Towards Sustainable Mining Leadership Award by the Mining Association of Canada (MAC). According to a statement from MAC, nine facilities across Canada were honoured with TSM Leadership Awards.

This award is given to facilities that meet or exceed a Level A ranking for all indicators under the tailings management, energy use and GHG emissions management, Aboriginal and community outreach, biodiversity conservation management, and safety and health TSM protocols, and meet all requirements of the crisis management and communications planning protocol. A facility’s results must have been externally verified to qualify for the award.

“We celebrate these nine facilities for being role models within the Canadian mining industry. TSM’s requirements go well beyond regulatory obligations, and earning a TSM Leadership Award is a testament to their leadership in environmental protection and engagement with local and Indigenous communities,” stated Pierre Gratton, President and CEO, MAC.

Kidd Operations is only the third mining facility in Ontario to ever receive the Association’s TSM Leadership Award. Established in 2004, MAC’s Towards Sustainable Mining program is “…a set of tools and indicators to drive performance and ensure that key mining risks are managed responsibly at members’ facilities. Read more from…

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