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See Offers Such partnerships prepare students and graduates to thrive in high-paying jobs right here in Maine. There is a Cherokee parable where a grandfather describes a great fight that goes on inside of every person.

The grandfather explains that the fight is between two wolves, one representing selfishness and arrogance and the other representing kindness and compassion. We are reminded of this parable and the grandfather’s answer when thinking of another struggle taking place inside our state.

It’s a struggle between two economic futures. One future is bleak: Maine as an aging state with limited job opportunities and young Mainers fleeing for greener pastures.

The other is a future of promise and innovation with an increase in good paying jobs and an educated populace prepared to assume those jobs. As vice president of marketing and community engagement at Martin’s Point Health Care, and as vice president of corporate engagement at the University of Southern Maine, we know which future we must feed. Read more from…

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