As marketing director, I also sit on the leadership team — which is made up of our CEO and four other directors. My role is multi-faceted, but overall I am responsible for the health of our Woodie’s brand.

I developed the Woodie’s brand-repositioning strategy and values which have formed the framework for everything we do at Woodie’s. I continue to manage that journey, which includes customer insight, advertising, sponsorship, PR, promotional planning and our CSR strategy.

Irish people love to make the most of their homes and to put their own personal stamp on them. However, as a nation we have relatively low levels of confidence in DIY and in design.

Our customers are looking for ideas for their home and expert advice on how to achieve it. We now have trained experts in every store and a qualified horticulturist in every garden centre.

We also provide help and inspiration in stores, online and on social media. We’ve also revitalised our ranges to include a more trends-focused homeware offering and a premium range of kitchens with a design service. Read more from…

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