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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee takes a look a news coming across HousingWire’s weekend desk, we more coverage to come on larger issues. If a memo shared by lenders to HousingWire is to be believed, then the answer is YES. The note, as of now unconfirmed and reportedly authored by C2 General Manager Brian Kent, claims: “Quicken has many excellent employees at the company whom we have great respect for, but as the leaders of C2 and the broker industry, we feel it is wrong for us to continue to partner with Quicken.

Therefore, effective 8/15/18, C2 will no longer be working with Quicken.” The reason given in the memo is the charge that Quicken is not sending C2 borrowers back to C2 when they request a refinance.

In a conversation late Sunday night with HousingWire, Quicken Loans CEO Jay Farner said he and his firm were shocked by the alleged memo. “We are surprised and disappointed,” Farner said. “That is the best way to put it.”

How lead-generation is being treated in the mortgage lending industry is becoming a huge, controversial topic. HousingWire will keep you posted as this story develops. Read more from…

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