As mortgage lenders try to reach the next generation of homebuyers, new technologies and strategies are being deployed to bolster their digital presence. New American Funding is turning the tables and aiming its campaign towards their own loan officers, making them into social media experts.

The mortgage lender plans to educate its 800-plus loan officers through Social For You, a step-by-step multimedia platform in social media engagement and marketing. New American’s vision of enhancing the mortgage space with social media savvy will help them become more effectual to the millennial demographic and beyond.

“Almost every human now has a social sphere. Mortgage loan originators typically have several hundred or even thousands in their social audience.

It’s like having a free conference room filled with peers, real estate agents, family, friends and clients sitting and listening to what you have to say,” New American CEO Rick Arvielo said in a statement to NMN. Grabbing people’s attention in a crowded marketplace’s sea of content holds a ton of social currency.

“It’s more art than science and our goal was to create a paint-by-numbers approach to administering the art,” Arvielo explained. “Building your social presence effectively is quite simply the most important business opportunity available to every single agent today. Read more from…

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