The McGregor Senior Assisted Living building rising in East Cleveland was designed by the Hiti,DiFrancesco and Siebold architecture firm and constructed by the Krill Co., both of Cleveland. The $12 million building is scheduled to open next year.

Land-rich legacy senior citizens service provider McGregor Foundation and affordable living provider CHN Housing Partners are teaming their talents for a $12 million senior assisted living project in East Cleveland. The three-story, 90-unit building rising on part of the foundation’s McGregor Home, a 32-acre campus at 14900 Private Drive, is designed to serve the growing population of aging people that’s producing a welter of senior living projects in the region and nation.

However, there’s a big difference because the name of the game here is not profit, even though the building due to open next year will provide a mix of low-income and market-rate units to make it a go. R. Robertson Hilton, McGregor Foundation president and CEO, said in an interview last week at McGregor’s office at McGregor Home, “We’ve long been aware of the appalling shortage of senior housing, particularly for the low-income people we serve.

We’ve spent seven years working together to produce this plan.” Rob Curry, executive director of Cleveland-based CHN, put the effort in broader perspective in the same interview.

“The private sector is doing a great job building senior housing, if you can afford it,” Curry said. “There’s wonderful care for those who can afford it, but that leaves everyone with limited means with fewer options.” Read more from…

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