Minister of State for Higher Education, Mary Mitchell O’Connor will launch the Eurostudent VI study today

Source: Keith Heneghan OVER ONE-THIRD of third-level students in Ireland are experiencing serious financial problems, according to a new report on their living conditions. The Eurostudent VI study, the sixth report of its kind into how students experience university life, is set to be published today.

More than 20,000 students responded to the survey. The overall average monthly income for all students was €754, while the average expenditure on living costs was €832 (42% of which was provided by someone other than the student, usually a parent or partner), according to the report’s findings.

Accommodation was the single largest expenditure (4% of overall expenditure), with an average monthly spend of €365. Over one-third (about 36%) of the total student population said they are experiencing serious or very serious financial problems, and the degree to which they are experiencing this appears to be related to their age.

Older students were more likely to experience financial difficulties, with 42% of students over the age of 24 saying this is the case for them. Since the last Eurostudent report in 2013, average monthly income has increased for all groups except postgraduates students.

Average monthly living costs have remained relatively static. For full-time undergraduates and all postgraduates the distribution of costs is now to a lesser extent borne by the students themselves, who have become more reliant on these costs being met by their parents and partners. Read more from…

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