If your target audience doesn’t read, then engaging in writing content through social media or books is truly a waste of time. Currently, marketing research by Wyzowl continues to reveal video marketing popularity is not declining, but is increasing.

In 2017, this same survey revealed 63 percent of businesses employed video as a marketing tool. A year later in the 2018 survey, the percentage jumped to 81 percent.

There are other ways to gain the attention (think marketing) of your target audience, such as podcasts. According to an April 25 article in Fast Company, there are more than 525,000 active podcast shows with more than 18.5 million episodes.

People, your potential customers listen to podcasts when driving, exercising or even working at their desks. Other research suggests podcast listeners are quite loyal, affluent and educated with 80 percent listening to all or more of each podcast episode.

At 56 percent, men still listen more to podcasts than women at 44 percent, according to Podcastinginsight.com. Marketing today as it was yesterday is still all about engaging your potential ideal customer. Read more from chicagotribune.com…

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