With the Mission E expected to start production next year, Porsche is steadily ramping up its marketing efforts for its Tesla Model S-rivaling all-electric car. Just recently, Porsche opted to feature Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine as its latest endorser for the all-electric sedan.

Unlike Mark Webber, a former Formula One driver who recently took a Mission E prototype around the track, Porsche opted to give Adam Levine a hands-on experience with the Mission E concept car, a vehicle that has drawn eyes since it debuted in 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Despite not being fully affiliated with Porsche like Webber, however, Levine is still a hardcore Porsche enthusiast, driving to the track in his beloved 1958 356A Porsche Speedster.

During his segment in the promotional video, Levine stated that ultimately, the Mission E is every bit a Porsche as the company’s other offerings. “Porsche people are not normal, because we want more out of driving.

The problem with electric cars last time was that they just don’t have a soul. They don’t have a beating heart.

This one actually does, which is amazing to me,” Levine said. Porsche’s test drive video is not the only time that Levine brushed shoulders with the all-electric sedan, however. Read more from teslarati.com…

thumbnail courtesy of teslarati.com