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Maybe the term search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t really a good way to describe the wealth of practices and factors it encompasses anymore. I’m here to tell you “Yes, it absolutely is,” and also share tips on: According to a poll of SEOs conducted earlier this year by my company, BrightLocal, 68 percent believed that local businesses still needed to have a blog in 2018.

Sure, the figure is over half the people polled, but it’s still surprisingly low considering how many respondents are likely to be blogging for local businesses themselves. Interestingly, 98 percent of respondents believed that local business blogs should be updated at least once per month.

I would argue that what we used to call a “blog” is now just a big old bucket of content that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else on the site. This term is still relevant for many companies (and, of course, for bloggers), but I’m not sure it fits the kind of content local businesses are likely to see the most success with.

Creating evergreen or event-specific resources that serve a proven search need is an excellent way to win traffic to your site. Even better, this is the kind of stuff that gets continually linked to, even if it’s not 100 percent relevant to your niche. Read more from…

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