Programmatic is not just for conversions; it’s also a valuable part of your branding strategy. Historically, brand awareness strategies have been above-the-line advertising activities: TV, radio, print.

These have a wide reach and so are great for upper-funnel marketing strategies. Thanks to its highly effective targeting possibilities, programmatic advertising has fallen into the below-the-line category — it’s seen as a conversion driver.

Within digital advertising, the branding focus tends to be on PPC, SEO and social media. But to take advantage of the opportunities for branding and optimization that programmatic display offers, it’s essential to adapt strategies from direct display to use in programmatic.

Brand awareness strategies tend to be associated with above-the-line advertising because they have the widest reach possible to share brand messaging. However, programmatic’s forte is actually very effective for branding — a focused targeting strategy is more budget-friendly for small and medium-sized businesses and is highly effective at reaching audiences with the potential for engagement and conversions down the line.

Traditional above-the-line advertising offered little potential for usable insights, especially in the short time span that programmatic offers. However, any marketing activity, whether concentrating on brand awareness or conversions, can benefit from real-time audience insights that immediately feed into optimizations and the development of future strategies. Read more from…

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