by Allison Schiff
// Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 – 6:00 am “You can never go home again” doesn’t apply to the home screen. Most smartphone users – 98%, according to mobile attribution provider TUNE – have reinstalled an app that they previously deleted.

Forty percent of users delete and reinstall apps on a regular basis. But most app marketers don’t differentiate between first-time downloads and re-downloads, mainly because that info has been locked away behind app store walls.

Apple only recently began making reinstall data available through its search ads attribution API. Apple now provides measurement platforms like TUNE with true/false data on re-downloads, which advertisers can access alongside new install data.

The Google Play Store doesn’t offer re-download data, although TUNE reports on Android reinstalls by collecting and triangulating other data points independent of what it gets from Google. Move-owned, which operates one of the top real estate apps in the App Store, is starting to think about how it can use information on reinstalls to optimize its user acquisition strategy and personalize messaging.

Users delete apps for any number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s because they need to free up space on their phone, but far more often, it’s either by mistake or because an app was being buggy. Read more from…

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