by Allison Schiff
// Friday, January 12th, 2018 – 12:35 am When a company as large as SAP doubles down on digital, the executive org chart must change. For the last six months, the enterprise software company has had two primary CMOs: one who is responsible for brand and media and another who focuses on demand generation, life cycle marketing and bottom-line revenue.

But they work together hand in glove, said Mika Yamamoto, who became chief digital marketing officer in August after serving as CMO for SAP’s small and medium-sized business practice for a little more than a year. Before that, she was Amazon’s head of marketing and merchandising for books.

Although she and SAP CMO Alicia Tillman helm different teams, they service the same overall marketing strategy, Yamamoto said. “We need brand awareness to drive financial results,” she said.

“One doesn’t go without the other.” AdExchanger spoke with Yamamoto. MIKA YAMAMOTO: SAP is not known in the SMB space, even though SMBs make up 85% of our customer base by volume, if not by revenue.

My job was to build our brand in the SMB market. I had ownership of developing marketing in sales, in part, and of product management and the business unit. Read more from…

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