Boise Weather Summary: 64 degrees BOISE — We reported on a new national report spotlighting startling statistics about rent prices in communities across Idaho, Essentially as wages are not keeping up with rising rents. KTVB received a great deal of feedback from our viewers and social media followers, and many brought up the struggles that seniors, in particular, face in this growing market.

Idaho is the fastest-growing state in America, with retirees and seniors making up a huge chunk of the people moving here. But a lot of seniors live on a fixed income and they’re dependent on Social Security, retirement or pensions.

“It started out very reasonable and it takes quite a chunk of my Social Security check, really,” one Boise renter, Sharon, said. Sharon has lived in her Boise apartment for nine years, and her rent over that time has inched up from $645 to $965 a month.

“It’s been sporadic. Sometimes it was $25 which was fine, $40, but my last go around was $140,” she said.

Climbing prices are impacting her everyday life, because she survives on a fixed income. “It really changed a lot of things for me,” Sharon said. Read more from…

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