You’re not alone in thinking that, but the fact is, copywriting is more than just sales messages. As a business owner, most of the content you produce could be called copywriting at least in some sense.

After all, if you’re creating content with the ultimate goal of selling something that is, by definition, copywriting. Copywriting is the skill — and field of work — where people write sales promotions and other marketing materials for products, services, fundraising campaigns.

It’s the craft of writing persuasive messages that prompt people to take action (buy something, enquire about a service, download a free eBook, donate to a cause). While you might like to hang out on Facebook and chat with friends, catch up on the latest funny videos, and enjoy a mindless “quiz” or two.

Facebook is much more than that. It’s a place to connect with potential clients, and that means that when you’re sharing your latest blog post or program with your business friends, you have to keep good copywriting in mind.

It’s important to know that the About page is often the most visited page on a website, so it’s a critical piece of your overall brand and message. The purpose of your about page is to entice people to want to learn more about your services, so be sure to include a call to action on the page. Read more from…

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