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Please read our disclosure for more info. When we first brought you Johnny Miller’s Unequal Scenes, the photographer was using aerial photography to highlight wealth disparity in South Africa.

Now, he’s branched out to countries around the globe, using a drone to call attention to the income differential that often sees new tennis courts adjacent to abandoned lots. Since 2016, Miller has captured around 100 photographs in South Africa, India, Tanzania, the United States, and Kenya.

The project was born from Miller’s time in South Africa, where he moved to study for a master’s degree in anthropology. Startled by the tin shacks he saw around him, which give way to affluent neighborhoods, he began using his camera to force people not to turn away from issues of wealth inequality.

“The images that I find the most powerful are when the camera is looking straight down—what’s known as ‘nadir view,’ looking at the actual borders between rich and poor,” Miller tells My Modern Met. “Sometimes this is a fence, sometimes a road, or wetlands—with small shacks or poor houses on one side, and larger houses or mansions on the other. Read more from…

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