March 20th, 2018 Graeme Somerville-Ryan

Operations, Opinion 0 comments Shipmanagers are well supported on LinkedIn with strong, and growing, follower numbers. Of the active companies monitored (those with a sufficiently large sample size of online activity), the average engagement rate was 0.62%.

For a non-maritime comparison, of the 40 insurance companies we monitor, the average engagement rate is approximately 0.12% The above figures were generated using a simple method to compare social media performance, focusing on engagement over a specific time rather than just measuring success in follower numbers. We believe engagement – someone taking an action because of your activity – is the true measure of success on social media.

After all the whole point of social media is to be social and to connect with an audience. Looking at engagement as a percentage allows us to compare companies of vastly different sizes and resources.

Out of all the sectors we monitor, the shipping community uses corporate social media to connect with companies and colleagues more than almost any other industries, and best-practice doesn’t always come from the biggest marketing team. For a highly competitive, service orientated sector we expected performance to be higher.

Activity may have been negatively impacted by consolidation in the sector with content mixing HR, corporate news, and operations. Keeping on topic seems to be a challenge. Read more from…

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