We’ve been testing out a new (or newer) social advertising platform called MyLikes. We see these pop up every so often and like to dive in to see if they have potential.

Sure PPC within the stream of a social network might seem like spam (I would kind of agree) but we are starting to see more and more users and influencers take to this model.

Watch Video Overview Below

Making PPC Income

The network allows you to do two things. First you connect your social accounts. This gives an influence score. This influence score defines you pay per click rate. This is the amount you get when someone clicks on an update you send out in the social sphere.

So far we are well on our way to retirement with your test account having made a bank busting $1.47.


The other side of this network is the ability to advertise. We tested out a network on a few offers and I share one of those in the video above. Essentially you set up a campaign, how much you want to spend per click, and your budget. From there your off and running.

The Bottom Line

Networks like these are a crap shoot. Ultimately social isn’t a great place for inline advertising but if you have an offer that fits into entertainment and fun this can work for you. I’d still watch networks like MyLikes to see if they do get a larger user base and greater reach but ultimately in it’s current state it’s tough to really take it seriously.