Collecting payments and communicating with customers are both important functions for a small business. But they’re rarely spoken of together, much less included in the same tools.

Now there’s a payment processing tool to help businesses both process payments and improve customer engagement. SpotOn Transact is the latest venture from Matt and Zach Hyman, brothers who have 20 years of experience in the payments industry, including launching and selling Central Payment.

They launched SpotOn with co-founder Doron Friedman back in 2010 and more recently added credit card processing to its platform, providing an end-to-end solution for merchants. So essentially, SpotOn takes what the industry veterans have learned from managing payments through the years, but then adds an extra layer of functionality to it.

Zach Hyman said in an email interview with Small Business Trends, “We focus on the ability for the SMB market to connect with their customers in a number of ways. You would be surprised how many businesses lack this key functionality.” SpotOn offers both hardware and software options for merchants.

So you can choose the POS system that works best for your business. There are options designed specifically for restaurants, retail stores, ecommerce shops and several other business types. Read more from…

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