Kelly Jo SandsEVP, Marketing Technology, Ansira Data-driven, technology-enabled marketing solutions provider Ansira recently acquired Brand Protection Agency (BPA), a SaaS-based platform that provides manufacturers and brands with the ability to monitor, manage and communicate with their online reseller channels. We spoke to Kelly Jo Sands, EVP, Marketing Technology, Ansira to understand her thoughts on Digital transformation, attribution and the vast potential of AI/ML in advertising technology.

Tell us about your role at Ansira and the team/technology you handle. Marketing Technology is a fundamental enabler at Ansira.

Not only do we have proprietary solutions, primarily in the B2B/B2B2C space which help national brands enable local channel partners with customized, brand-compliant marketing, but we’re also users of leading MarTech solutions to drive customer engagement. My team is a cross-functional discipline of database development, campaign management platform and execution, email/mobile delivery, and digital services, including QA and UX – we center around solution-based services but also augment Ansira’s technology offerings.

We also have a portion of the team who are akin to consultants, called technology strategists, whereby we provide thought-leadership to our clients on what technology is needed to realize their strategic business goals, scaled 1:1 personalization, and digital transformation. What makes us unique to the classical consulting agencies is that we are practitioners and not just consultants – the team works with a wide variety of clients on a daily basis, bringing that working knowledge to each engagement and making them more effective.

In addition to team management, that’s a day-to-day role that I personally play on several of our larger clients – and truly a passion of mine! Digital transformation is one of the most overused phrases lately, often having a “kitchen-sink” effect as a descriptor of all initiatives and a solve to all problems. While the concept is absolutely valid, and one we focus on at Ansira, it’s important to recognize the pillars that embody the movement and the application of it to solve actual business problems. First, customers and their experiences must be put at the heart of everything as these strategies are being defined. Read more from…

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