Roger KjensrudCo-founder and CTO, Impact Continuing on our mission to bring first-hand insights into GDPR and its impact on global operations, we spoke to Roger Kjensrud, Co-Founder and CTO, Impact. Roger tells us about how GDPR could impact martech companies, particularly the ones based in the US but with a sizeable clientele in the EU.

Tell us about your role at Impact and the technology/team you handle. I am a co-founder and the CTO of Impact.

I lead all technology teams that build and operate a scalable and comphrensive software platform for digital marketers around the world. The consumers expect brands and companies to protect their personal data, and to obtain permission to use the data.

Transparency on how to collect and use the data is key. For the businesses, it is to simplify and standardize the regulatory environment.

Yes, I believe it is needed. We have seen numerous examples of lax practicies around protecting and usage of data (Facebook – Cambridge Analytica, Equifax). Read more from…

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