On any given day during the week, I head to bed hanging up the phone with Nectar Sleep’s head of search in India about a customer segment we saw on Google. I wake up with my morning coffee to Slack messages from my data analysts in Israel with insights to the same segment I discussed the night before.

As I head into the office, I’m on the phone with the head of performance marketing in London about how we can use these insights for new marketing tests. When I sit down at my desk, I’m able to work with my head of product in New York about how we can launch a website test to address this marketing.

And finally, by the time my marketing manager in Los Angeles wakes up, my team is able to launch and execute our tests. In less than 24 hours, my team is able to research, test and implement a campaign that could potentially take more than a week to enact.

This is a prime example of why remote workforce is the next frontier of internet marketing, and eventually all business. Companies willing to embrace a remote workforce strategy have the potential to see major benefits to their business, providing improvements to hiring, culture and productivity.

Now your company may not need 24-hour support, but imagine the possibilities of having the opportunity to have a selection of the best pool of talent around the world, allowing you to hire the best of the best. Hiring the best people is one of the hardest and most important parts of scaling a company. Read more from adweek.com…

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