It’s been a little while since we entered the world of Penny Wilson, Hootsuite’s CMO, so I took the chance to chat with her at Adobe Summit last week, and specifically to congratulate her on the news that Hootsuite had been named Adobe Exchange Partner of the Year. I asked her about the synergies between Adobe and the social media management platform.

“I think they have the best-in-class marketing and creative cloud products, and they saw us as being best-in-class in social. They have a social product, but they saw us as being leaps and bounds above that; and obviously saw the opportunity that social provides for marketers and across the whole organization.”

Hootsuite, said Wilson, has a very open eco-system: “It’s easy to partner with us.” Hootsuite co-sells with the Adobe sales team, and helps craft solutions which plug directly into Adobe Experience or Creative Cloud customers’ platforms. Hootsuite itself uses Creative Cloud and is considering Experience Cloud as a future option.

Social media management is one thing, social analytics another, and here comes NetBase (a social media analytics platform) with a warning that poor social analytics can mean a hit on revenue. A new report on North American social media analytics use, based on interviews with some 700 professionals, claims that: The takeaway is that social is still not informing large swathes of business activity; and even where it’s seen as important — direct customer engagement — brands are not fully committing.

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