After years of being considered the “sick man of Europe”, the French economy showed its strongest growth in years in 2017, with optimism underpinned by the pro-business agenda being implemented by the government. The unemployment rate dropped to its lowest since 2009 last year (8.9 percent) and though the decrease has been more modest so far in 2018, new jobs continue to be created in L’Hexagone.

Proof of this are the latest findings by France’s National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), who every month interview a number of companies about their hiring intentions to foresee what they’ve dubbed the “employment climate”. And the forecast calls for rain, in the good sense, a downpour of jobs which number more than 54,000 permanent contracts across a variety of sectors.

France did see a net increase of 268,000 jobs in 2017 according to INSEE, so there is reason to believe predictions are as bright as they seem. French daily Le Parisien has broken down INSEE’s data into the following list of companies recruiting and the number of permanent contracts available.

Carrefour: the supermarket giant is looking to recruit 8,825 people on permanent contracts and swap 4,500 positions to alternating contracts. Everyone from bakers to butchers and fishmongers are welcome to apply for the many positions available.

There are also a number of digital jobs up for grabs.  Bouygues: The industrial group, which deals largely with construction and real estate, want to sign up 6,270 new recruits on permanent contracts and 1,500 on work experience contracts. They’re looking for construction workers and technicians, engineers, media and telecoms employees and real estate agents. Read more from…

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