Most marketers have several different goals that drive their strategies and programs. Typically, we are allocating resources across multiple programs and channels to meet the following objectives: Here are some of the items that need to be addressed in order to assess the value and contribution of marketing programs: Acquiring customer data. Marketers must have the technology and infrastructure in place to record meaningful information about various touch points that contribute to lead generation and customer acquisition.

These systems do not rely solely on what the prospect might provide. For example, online registration forms might capture name, email, company name and phone number.

In most cases, a marketing automation platform is used to supplement prospect-provided data. TIP: Most marketing automation systems provide cookie data that can be appended to lead records automatically.

Then, when that lead takes a specific action that is important to the marketing program, the engagement can be recognized and possibly addressed with proactive campaigns and programs. Ensure consistent parameters. The entire organization must utilize the same parameters and field values to record information related to lead/customer acquisition.

They must be categorized with meaningful and actionable values that can be captured by the technology and systems in place. Most companies use a combination of UTM parameters that can be captured by hidden fields on forms and lead source details that can be programmed into a form or labeled within their own parameter. Read more from…

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