My job as affiliate manager is to help both my affiliates and my company make money.  Sometimes affiliates don’t utilize me to the fullest. The ones that do are usually the ones that see a steady rise in earnings.

We have a lot of opportunities for affiliates to learn how to promote our software. As an affiliate manager, we see a lot of subtle details and practices that differentiate the top affiliates from the rest.

Listen to the advice of your manager – they are exposed to more marketing strategies than you will run across. When you participate in special promotions or contests your affiliate manager offers, it shows the manager that you are serious about making money.

It can also give you direction and accountability that solopreneurs may need sometimes to remain on track and purpose. Connect on Facebook, interact on Twitter and LinkedIn.

These affiliates are more likely to get ReTweets and shares from me because I know who they are and I can help them. Sometimes we give free trials to affiliates to use our software, so they can start building content without an initial financial investment. Read more from…

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