New Capabilities Help Marketing, Sales and Customer Support Teams Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences Proven to Boost Audience Engagement Vidyard, the leading video platform for business, unveiled its latest product enhancements to help marketing, sales, and customer support teams drive greater engagement through highly personalized video experiences. With its Spring 2018 update, Vidyard has expanded its Personalized Video solution to support personalized audio tracks as well as real-time personalization of video content to help marketing teams enhance website experiences and increase online conversion rates.

Vidyard has also enhanced Vidyard GoVideo, its flagship video messaging app for sales and customer support, with Outlook and Zendesk integrations as well as a new reporting dashboard to track the adoption and impact of video across customer-facing teams. “At a time when all of us are over-saturated with automated text-based communications, video is standing out as the best way to connect with customers and to build more personal relationships. New types of video experiences, including Personalized Video and one-to-one video messaging, are taking this to the next level and helping our customers boost engagement rates and shorten deal cycles.

We’re now making it easier than ever to deliver these personalized video experiences across web, inbound and outbound marketing programs, direct sales and customer support teams,” said Michael Litt, Co-Founder, CEO, Vidyard. Also Read: Ad Blockers: Take a Page from Video Game Advertisers  New capabilities launched by Vidyard include: With personalized video, leading B2B, B2C, and not-for-profit brands are already reaching new heights in customer engagement by literally bringing their viewers into the story.

More than just a creative way to stand out, it’s helping them boost click-through and conversion rates on key outbound marketing campaigns and email nurture programs. “People are always expecting a sales pitch, so we don’t try to be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. Our holiday video was just that.

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