From an interactive and transactional perspective, search is the fundamental digital discovery activity. People input text or voice to search, find alternatives, explore, and then make decisions.

Traditional or horizontal search engines report billions of queries per day and in excess of 2 trillion queries worldwide per year.  Bloomberg reports that more than 48% of shoppers start their search at Amazon, while 35% now start shopping searches at traditional search engines. Despite that traditional Search continues to be the largest trackable channel with 2017 BrightEdge research showing that sites average 51% of traffic from Organic Search.

Vertical search is the indexing and exposition of content focused in a site, category, or industry. Travel, restaurants, medical, fashion, entertainment, news, car, jobs, and photography sites are all examples of vertical sites with vertical search.

Mobile apps are also vertical experiences. Shopping sites are rather vertical to the degree that they specialize in the product selection and pricing they offer.

As consumers move along the customer journey, they use horizontal and vertical sites and apps to zero in on what they are looking for and take action. One of the most common elements of all sites is internal site search. Read more from…

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