Head of integrated marketing communications talk about the strategy in play to bring a lifecycle marketing approach to how it bolster donors Having a customer lifecycle-led, targeted approach to marketing is vital to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s efforts to grow its customer database to 580,000 and meet the ever-increasing need for blood donations, its marketing leader says. Speaking at the Adobe Symposium in Sydney, head of integrated marketing communications, Jude Leon, described how the not-for-profit is in the early stages of a digital marketing transformation designed to bring in more than 100,000 new donations over the next couple of years.

“We find ourselves at a critical point in our industry,” she told attendees. “It’s not just the customers and channels we use becoming increasingly more complex, but the baseline job we need to do is so much more complicated.” Each year, the Red Cross collects 1.3 million donations.

To do that, it needs to main a loyal group of donating supporters. This means bringing in almost 100,000 new donors every year.

This financial year for example, the Red Cross needs to grow its annual panel by 70,000 people, which means bringing in new donors plus increasing the frequency and retention of existing donors – all 460,000 of them – to 480,000. “That’s a really big increase on previous years and we don’t have any additional marketing budget to do that,” Leon continued.

“On top of that, we have a growing, ageing population, and a lot more treatable medical conditions that can benefit from blood products. So when we look to the future, we need to grow that panel to grow to 580,000. Read more from cmo.com.au…

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