by James Hercher
// Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 – 12:14 am And ecommerce tech vendors are beefing up mobile messaging because the channel now supports data-driven segmentation, like retargeting campaigns. These capabilities are increasingly valuable as frictionless mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay nudge text messages toward direct commerce.

Mobile operators like Apple, Alphabet and Samsung are adding more marketing capabilities to native messaging services because they’ve seen apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp soak up usage rates and revenue from texting, said Gartner research director Charles Golvin last year about SMS marketing growth. “Marketers need to prepare themselves for yet another messaging medium to reach consumers,” he said.

The online wholesaler Boxed added SMS messaging in the second half of last year “because we feel it’s an opportunity to break through the clutter,” said Nitasha Mehta, who runs the company’s re-engagement marketing. “We see this as a brand-new channel, strictly additive to what we’re doing,” she said.

Because email inboxes often filter out brand messages, phone numbers are a more durable connection to an individual. Boxed accumulates mobile numbers and opt-ins by offering exclusive deals to its email list, Mehta said.

The double opt-in – into the email list and then into the messaging program – makes it a particularly brand-loyal group and means the company doesn’t get consumer pushback like with push notifications. Boxed has seen 100% open rates (the oldest SMS brag) and 20% click-through rates for texts, with eventual conversion rates two to three times higher than email messages. Read more from…

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