The traditional annual employee survey is no longer efficient to match with the recent level of commitment required to efficiently achieve employee engagement. A recent survey reported by Marketing Technology Insights opines that nearly 30 % of employees feel their workplaces are not empathetic.

To disclose the most troubling result, 51% of the employees generalized that the condition applies to all organizations and companies. That means: more than half of our employees feel their voice does not count.

Employee engagement can be achieved by listening to their voice. With the employee voice, managers are able to measure the motivation, commitment and sense of well-being of employees through their feedback.

It offers employees a platform to access feedback without challenges and equally provides qualitative and quantitative metrics on workforce status which is imperative in deploying expansion strategies. It is also a medium for employees to disclose customers’ view based on their experiences.

And they are able to share insights as the company’s front liners who interact with customers regularly. Here are the engagement attributes to achieve listening to employee voice Imagine if an employee is performing a task using methods he or she had suggested. Read more from…

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