Radisson Hotel Group wants to take control of its programmatic spending, but rather than leaning on its agencies, it’s turned to a consulting company. Radisson is working with Accenture Interactive, which has been growing its ad tech expertise.

Radisson wants to own the licenses to its ad tech, especially its demand-side platform or a data management platform, so it can be agency-agnostic, said Remy Merckx, vp of digital at the hotel chain. Merckx’s concern is that the rise of programmatic will leave advertisers stuck with technologies that can’t yield profitable ads or worse, with less data on customers.

The agency groups Merckx would normally use are often inhibited by their operating models from providing those services. Consulting firms may have their own conflicts of interest, but they’re designed to show advertisers how to choose technology rather than doing it for them.

“Too many hotel companies thought they could build their own tech, but what we really need are partners who can help us identify the best platforms,” Merckx said. The hotel group began taking control of more of its programmatic operation 12 months ago when it hired a specialist.

The company was worried it would buy more media than necessary to hit its goals for return on investment if it relied on agencies. Other advertisers have similar reservations; they worry that if agencies are feeding the same audience segments to different suppliers that don’t necessarily talk to one another, they’re basically bidding against themselves. Read more from digiday.com…

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