Cutting through the clutter with content, and coming across as hip or cool isn’t easy to for many brands. When it comes to disrupting the industry and creating a younger image to attract consumers, one way would be through tapping on to consumers’ points of interest.

Dalia Feldheim (pictured), former CMO of Electrolux, said during the Content 360 conference organised by Marketing, that in the appliance industry, it isn’t always easy to stand out given that products don’t always have defining characteristic that makes them stand apart from competitors. To most consumers, they are just more of the same.

Her challenge as such was to create a lovemark for a washing machine and bring passion into the category. “As marketers, we don’t talk about products.

We talk about passion points.  And in marketing, we only have one boss and that is the consumer,” Feldheim said. So instead, the brand decided to look at its core consumer group, to find out what drew their interest.

A study carried out by Electrolux found that its consumers in general, especially women aged 25 to 50 years old, were quite passionate about fashion. Banking on this, the team at Electrolux decided to associate the Electrolux brand with consumers’ passion points to gain relevancy in their lives. Read more from…

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