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Seems like everyone is talking about blockchain, the distributed shared ledger that promises to keep transactions secure and anonymous. Most know it as the technology behind bitcoin.

Yes, bitcoin itself is arguably caught up in some hype, but the future for blockchain looks promising. Though wildly popular, bitcoin is just the beginning of what’s sure to be widespread blockchain adoption.

In 2018, we will likely see blockchain backing more and more technology solutions. Chaitanya Chandrasekar, CEO and co-founder of data platform QuanticMind, says that marketers need to think of the technology beyond its most famous offspring.

“The 10x price spike of bitcoin after the December news that it would be listed on CBOE and CME is exciting news, but the cryptocurrency is showing the telltale signs of a bubble, and it’s not clear how much more growth will be sustainable long-term,” Chandrasekar said. “That said, blockchain as a technology approach may still have the ability to be transformational, given that it, in theory, enables an efficient, two-sided market with no intermediaries, and with instantly verified transactions. Read more from…

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