With four major professional sports teams, national championship games and historic college sports rivalries, Atlanta is a booming sports town. The region’s burgeoning tech industry has noticed and is stepping up to the plate to tap that market.

Sports is an industry ripe for disruption and opportunity. Technology has many touch points in the world of sports — athlete performance, fan engagement, brand marketing, ticket and merchandise sales.

“The ability to see how the technologies work in different environments is fairly unique in the sports industry,” said Junior Gaspard, CEO of Experience. “On the field, or on the ice, or on the court, you can use technology to improve the performance of the athlete, or the accuracy of the scouting data.” Experience — which focuses on fan engagement technology — has developed a mobile app that allows teams and event promoters to sell single game tickets or subscription tickets, while also enabling season-ticket holders the flexibility to sell their seats, in case they can’t make it to the game at the last minute.

Experience also allows venue operators to offer flexible ticketing. Atlanta-based Competitive Sports Analysis (CSA) uses data science and a patented algorithm to help college coaches with player recruitment.

“We can predict the fit of a recruit for a program and the performance of a player against a particular opponent,” CEO Diane Bloodworth said. “There is just a lot of data to inform some of the decisions that coaches are making.” Analytics provides information to coaches, players and scouts to better inform them and augment their experience and intuition. Read more from bizjournals.com…

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