Josh Womack (left) talks with Matt Buder Shapiro (right) in this installment of the YP Helpful Habits series. I am a co-founder and chief marketing officer of venture-backed startup MedPilot Inc. MedPilot is a leading patient engagement and relationship management solution.

My main responsibilities are developing MedPilot’s brand and patient engagement strategy. MedPilot was founded to transform the nature of patients’ interactions with their health care providers.

Appropriately, health care providers have an increased awareness of the value in providing patients with a positive experience, from the moment they interact with their brand all the way through the payment process. We offer a customizable array of tools for providers so that they can have personalized avenues of communication with their patients.

So you could say that I am the farthest thing from being a “morning person.” I used to think that the snooze button was in competition for best invention with fire and the wheel. To combat my sluggishness in the a.m., I began setting my alarm early enough so I’d have more time to ease my way into the day.

I use that time to read a slew of morning newsletters to get my brain functioning. By the time I’m out of bed, I have scanned Axios’s AM and Pro Rata, Politico’s Playbook, and Fortune’s Term Sheet. Read more from…

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