Recently I was working with some people and dividing up action items and tasks (or otherwise known as work). Then I remembered the 3 things I once learned that you should have in place to ensure satisfaction with the work you do.

For any work or task to be satisfying it needs to have three qualities:

  • Autonomy – Are you able to independently complete the work without constant checking with authority figures, partners or other entities?
  • Complexity – Does the work stretch your mental muscle and keep you mentally engaged?
  • Connection between effort and reward – in the effort you expend to complete the work does it provide you with equal reward. Oftentimes have just those first two items, autonomy and complexity is enough to make the reward of your effort pay off.

Work that fulfills these three requirements is truly meaningful.

I do these checks often as I look at my work and when working in a group. You should ask are task assigned correctly that will make it meaningful for yourself or the individual assigned to complete this task. This check well help you get the best of not only yourself but the people around you.

Image by vectorportal.