is one of the most important things you have to manage as an entrepreneur. The story we feature today provides the top tips I’ve seen to help you mange your stress.

One important thing to really point out here is managing stress helps you be more efficient and effective as an entrepreneur– but you if you work for yourself you probably already know this– right?

In fact, in addition to managing stress I believe you should put into practice this little known goal setting strategy.

That’s why we highlight this story today because it really does have some good insight for someone looking for tips on how to manage stress, especially for the self employed.

To be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to be resilient. If you can’t take getting rejected, knocked down and discouraged only to get up to try again, you are probably better off working for someone else.

  1. Choose your expectations wisely.
  2. Make yourself a priority.
  3. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately learning what it takes to develop and maintain resilience. I was recently speaking at a conference, and I shared the calamity of events our family has gone through over the last two years. A few people came up to me and asked how I get back up after being knocked down so many times. Stressed Out? Three Tips to Build Resilience

In closing, if you are looking to manage stress sometimes you just  have to look inside yourself and be honest. Hopefully the story above gives you something you haven’t considered before to make that happen.

Down below I’ve selected the our top recommended books and products to stem your stress: