Here’s 7 short straight to the point tips on communication. I recently stumbled upon these while going through some notes and I have no idea where I found them or when I wrote them down. I thought they were worth a share, here they are:

  1. Whether delivering a presentation, writing an email, blog post, or briefing somebody in the hallway, make the opening line the punch line.
  2. Words alone never carry the complete message. Messages come from context, relationship, timing, tone of voice, what was said, what was not said, and body language. All these things together comprise the total message that people “hear.”
  3. Interpret information and translate the relevant details to the different people or groups involved. Think about what your information means to them specifically and clarify that when you share your views.
  4. Get peoples attention by summarizing your message succinctly. Then follow up with the details.
  5. People withhold details to gain power. they lose it for the same reason.
  6. When you praise someone, focus on how– how they got the good rating. Otherwise, how will they know what to repeat?
  7. To make sure people walk away with the same message you intended to convey, verify by getting them to react to it in some fashion.