comfort-stationRight now as you read this how comfortable are you?

I don’t mean the “I’ve got on my favorite sweater, my coffee cup is full and I’ve had a good night of sleep” kind of comfortable. I mean how much of your daily activities are within your comfort zone?

More specifically how much of what you have planned for today, tomorrow and this week makes you a little uneasy?

Or how much of what you have planned makes you feel like you’re standing on the edge of a 50ft rocky cliff about to jump in the water below?

Let’s get a little mathematical up in here. On a percentage basis how comfortable do you feel right now? Meaning are you 90% comfortable with your next seven days, or maybe 80%, or 50%.

I hope that status bar on your forehead is right around 20%…

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be Comfortable

First, if you are over 20% comfortable there should be alarm bells going off inside your head. They should be warning you that you’re not pushing yourself beyond your limits.

Second, and let’s stay with the percentage analogy. Let’s say 80% of what you do in a given week is well within your comfort level. That’s probably 80% of stuff you could do in your sleep, the type of stuff you’ve mastered or at least got somewhat proficient executing.

If you continue in the 80%+ comfort zone you can pretty much predict this weeks outcome. It will be most likely be what they were last week. So is that really what you want? Is that really the success you’re striving for? If so, great keep on truckin.

But Let’s Look at the Different Outcomes

Let’s say you want more, you want to push your limits, and you want truly great success. Those goals you’ve written down or thought about late at night really are what you want.

What would your life look like if that was flipped? What if 80% of the stuff you had planned for the week was out of your comfort zone and you had no idea how you were going to do it? Are you up for that challenge?

What would that outcome look like? Would it bring you to greater heights than where you are right now? Or do you have no idea where you would end up after a week of pushing yourself to the max? Maybe that scares you even more.

Usually This is Where People Get Scared

Most people avoid stepping out of their comfort zone and those are the people that miss creating massive results.

For a long time I had this issue. I didn’t sit down at the beginning of the week (or look at the next few years) and ask what can I do that will scare the heck out of me? I didn’t ask what goal I can have right now that I have no clue on how I’m going to accomplish.

These aren’t questions asked lightly and they aren’t questions asked in a vacuum. They have to be backed up with action, it’s this realization that I had that finally made it all come to together.

I asked myself which outcome would be better. The one where I didn’t push myself and didn’t know the outcome or the one in which I could pretty much predict what would happen.

The one where I didn’t have a clue is the one that started to win. And while that was good (in accomplishing greater things) it really started to click when I did this consistently.

So what about you? What if you looked at your next 7 days and asked yourself what you could do that will make you uncomfortable? This isn’t discomfort for the sake causing you pain and anguish, it’s that feeling where you aren’t quite sure (or really have a clue) if you can figure it out. Will you be better off and closer to your goals and desires? Or is the path you on just okay enough to get you by?


That image was modified from an image by Joe Shlabotnik.